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What You Should Know About Lipliners

How should the profiler be applied? What shades are the most versatile? What types of profilers are there, and which one works best with me? If you are going to acquire a profiler, it is normal that you have these and other doubts, but you have come to the right place to solve them. Next, we will discuss the most important aspects to choose the profiler that best suits you.

What exactly is a lip liner and what is it used for?

Lip liners, also called eyeliners, serve precisely to contour the lips. But, if there are lipsticks or gloss, why bother spending time applying another product? The profilers have an infinite number of advantages that you would never get by limiting yourself to the use of lipstick.

From keeping makeup intact for a longer time to confer the desired volume to your lips, lip liners are an essential in your vanity case. If you apply them correctly, including them in your makeup routine will only give you the best results. Let's review the advantages of its use:

  • Confer volume to your lips
  • Correct imperfections and asymmetries
  • Prevent lipstick from spreading outside the lips
  • Keep makeup on for longer.
  • Some contain moisturizing agents that will protect your lips.

How is the lip liner applied?

Learning to use a new product is always an arduous task if you are not a professional makeup artist. Therefore, to achieve the best effect when applying the lip liner, it is advisable to follow certain fixed steps. Internalizing this process will help you give the volume and the desired shape to your lips without headaches:

  • Begin applying the liner to the center of your upper lip, marking the "v" shape just below the nose.
  • Outline the edges with small strokes from the corners to this already marked stroke.
  • For the lower lip, make a reference mark in the center and again delineate the lip contour starting at the corners.
  • Lightly blend into the lip before filling it with lipstick or gloss, and voilà

What shades of profilers are there and what effects can I get with them?

Nude, matte, glossy, transparent. The range of colors of the profilers is a world and it is normal not to know where to start looking! Of course, the tone we choose to put on makeup is very personal, but there are a number of effects that you can achieve by combining colors in one way or another.

With a neutral tone, you can almost imperceptibly correct any asymmetry; a combined rich tone with the same color lipstick makes your lips look more sophisticated and defined. On the contrary, if you choose a lighter color for the contour than for the filling, the effect you will get will be to give more volume to your mouth.

Plus, profilers are super versatile and practical! This Youtuber tells us that the profiler can be used to fill the entire lip, freeing us from using a bar. She opts for intense tones and chooses the matte finish as her favorite because of the elegance and sophistication that it brings:

What types of lipliners are there?

In addition to the classic lipstick to be sharpened, lip liners also come in the form of a retractable applicator. Both have their advantages and disadvantages that each has to weigh to find the one that best suits their needs and preferences.