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Purchase criteria for lip stains

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If you have never tried a lip stain, you may know very well how to choose one. As is the case with most cosmetics, your skin tone is key to choosing the colors of your makeup. Below, we present the most important criteria that you must have in mind when choosing between the different versions of Lip tint.

Skin tone

Since Lip tint and its versions were created to enhance the natural colors of lips and skin, a very important factor when acquiring one is determining the color of your skin and its background tones. The latter are divided into cold, warm, and neutral. The warm ones tend more to yellow, while the cold ones to pink. Neutrals have a balance.

  • Warm undertones or dark skin tones. Orange, yellow and peach colors look great on people with warm undertones. This is why Benefit Chachatint Tint highlights your lips and cheeks, especially well. This tint has a coral mango color that also stands out very well on dark skin.
  • Cold background. Skins with cold undertones tend to have lighter skin color and pink, purple or blue undertones. The pink and purple ranges match very well with these skin types. The classic Lip tint with its pink color is a natural choice, but you can also look for the Lollitint version, which has a more purple rose.
  • Neutral background. The neutral backgrounds seek a balance between the previous ones. You can choose between all versions of Lip tint. Your skin tone can serve as a guide to choose the color of your makeup, but this does not mean that you cannot experiment. It is best to find the colors that you like and with which you feel best.


The natural look, the one that makes you look as if you have not put a drop of makeup on your skin - although you know you spent half an hour in front of the mirror - is very fashionable. If you want to achieve that natural and fresh image with your makeup, Lip tint is ideal to fulfill your objective, since it highlights the natural color of your lips and cheeks.


If all you want is to apply color to your lips and not think about it for the rest of the day, a lip stain like Lip tint is your dream in a bottle. These dyes leave a stain on the skin of your lips or cheeks. In other words, your skin absorbs color. This ability makes them last longer than traditional lipsticks.