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Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss ~ Bronze Bliss

Details : Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss ~ Bronze Bliss

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Trick and tips

  • Use a special lip serum every evening. Preventive and curative, the lip serum has it all! Ultra-concentrated in repairing, plumping and protective active ingredients, it acts on density, elasticity and firmness while moisturizing. Complete care to recommend without reserve to smokers and to all those who want to improve the definition of their lips and their contour, while smoothing fine lines. The result is a more plump and younger-looking mouth. Very easy to use, apply a drop on your cleansed lips, then massage gently.
  • Apply a lip mask twice a week. Coming straight from Asia, this new beauty ritual is timely to save very damaged, chapped, or dehydrated lips, which can no longer be satisfied with a simple balm. To treat in-depth, repair or even before applying a matte red that does not support small streaks or dead skin, draw out these new generation masks, in gel, cream or fabric, leave on for a few minutes to soothe, nourish and plump. Then penetrate the excess product by massaging gently.
  • Shea butter for restorative hydration. From the eponymous nut, shea butter is known to hydrate, soften, repair. Packed with vitamins A and E, it is the ally of chapped lips. The ideal is to coat the damaged lips with a thick layer of shea butter before going to bed and then to keep this saving mask until the morning. From the first application, the repairing functions of shea butter will start to have their effect. This repairing lip mask can also be applied during the day.
  • Oil to relieve and protect. Coating chapped lips with an extremely greasy body almost immediately relieves the discomfort associated with chapping or even creates a real barrier of protection against humidity, which amplifies the crevices. Olive oil and sweet almond oil are good solutions, as are avocado oil and coconut oil. But castor oil is even more effective since it acts as a healing agent. All these vegetable oils make the lips silky.
  • Don’t moisten your lips too often. This is the first reflex that everyone makes when chapped lips appear: pass their tongue over it. During the day, our lips are exposed to many factors that can weaken and dry them out.
  • Drink water. For good overall hydration of your body, including your lips, drinking water during the day is essential. As a reminder, it is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
  • Get rid of our fads. May the one who has never wetted or bitten her lips launched the first repairing balm! The bottom line is that by moistening our lips we dry them even more. Worse still: by tearing off small dead skin with our teeth, we cause new micro-lesions. Not chic!
  • Do not abuse the mast. Yes, the matte finish is frankly pretty. The concern is that this type of lipstick generally ends up drying them out. We, therefore, reserve them for occasions requiring flawless outfit and we prefer richer and creamy formulas the rest of the time.