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Trick and tips

  • Don’t eat salty foods. Very salty foods are bad for the health of your lips. This is because the salt stays “stuck” on the skin and absorbs the little water that has been stored when they are dry. If you can’t help but eat potato chips, try rinsing your mouth thoroughly when you’re done.
  • Protect them from the weather. During the summer, the greatest enemy of this sensitive area, without a doubt, is the Sun. In addition to applying a protection factor to the skin, you will have to use special lipsticks and, if possible, not go out in the midday hours. If you do, wear a hat.
  • Exfoliates the skin. This treatment serves to remove accumulated dead cells and allow a full recovery of the skin. It is advisable to give gentle movements so as not to hurt the area. You can apply them with the help of a toothbrush and do not forget to apply moisturizer at the end. Exfoliate once a week.
  • To exfoliate, you can use thick honey, with sugar granules, because the more liquid version does not exfoliate. You can replace honey with petroleum jelly, but the most recommended “recipe” includes 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey. To prepare this paste, place the sugar and honey in a container, mix well and use a toothbrush to apply it. Place this preparation on the lips and, with gentle circular movements, massage the skin completely. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • They mixed Skin Lipstick. The lips of people with this type of skin do not present any complications since they can be handled like the lips of those who have oily skin. Paint them with a pencil made up of a few oils as possible, looking for a longer duration of the color.
  • Tips for your lips. To avoid drying out, apply a little petroleum jelly to a washcloth and gently massage your lips; This will help eliminate scaling while lubricating the skin.
  • To make the lipstick look matte, press the lips onto a tissue and then apply a layer of powder with the help of a soft brush.
  • Lipstick for normal skin. All the types of lipstick that exist are very good for this type of skin: after outlining them perfectly, fill them with a brush; never do it with the pencil.
  • Lipstick for dry skin. Women with dry lips should preferably use tube paint, which comes with its applicator and in very dynamic shades. To increase the lips’ sensuality and moisture, the best option is to use a shine, but only in the center of the lower lip.
  • Avoid peeling fruits with your teeth: the peels can contain irritating substances for the lips, as in the orange.
  • Each area of ??the face has its needs. Just as we do not put a moisturizer on our lips or do not put a lip balm as an eye contour, products with SPF are formulated differently for each area, taking into account their specific characteristics. We are increasingly aware of the negative effects of the Sun on our skin not only in summer but also the rest of the year, so why not also protect our mouth? Also, as the experts from Germaine de Capuccini remind us: “The lip area is one of the most sensitive on the face, so it is vital to pay attention to them, especially in the summer. During the summer, they may be more affected due to the aggression they suffer from external agents (sunlight, high temperatures, seawater).
  • To hide a thick upper lip, after applying the base, it is necessary to trace the edge of the upper lip below its natural line with an eyeliner pencil. Continue to outline the lower lip following its normal shape, fill in the top lip with a lighter shade than the one used in the bottom lip and add a little shine.
  • Enlarging a thin upper lip also requires a special technique. After applying the correction base, trace the contour above its natural line, paint it in a darker shade than the bottom lip and leave it unlined. Then add a touch of glitter to the upper lip and the center of the lower lip.