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How to choose a good lip gloss

The quality

The gloss is a product similar to lipstick. It is a very important accessory for a woman. When you want to buy yours, always aim for quality. Prefer those that do not contain toxic products. Indeed, some glosses contain carcinogenic mineral oils, chemicals and many other harmful products. However, these are mainly the basic ingredients for making glosses. They indeed have moisturizing and softening properties for the lips. Always opt for quality assurance, no risk with maximum effect all the same.

The brand

Obtain good quality products. Aim for brands that are famous for their glosses. There is no question of snobbery or buying expensive. Remember that there are commercially dangerous lip products. And a good brand doesn't have to be expensive. Also, counterfeits proliferate. To be completely serene, choose an organic cosmetics instead of those who respect a manufacturing process and choose ingredients respecting hygiene and quality standards. For organic products, they most often use vegetable oils or beeswax. You will gain a lot by avoiding additive substances, which are dangerous for health.

Matt or shiny gloss?

The use of these two kinds of gloss depends on the desired effect. Opt for the mat for a glamorous and seductive result. And shine, to have a fresh and natural look at the same time. But overall, before making the purchase, see if it is suitable for the shape of your lips taking into account their thicknesses. Refining the lips, the matte gloss is especially suitable for thick lips while the glossy gloss accentuates the volume of the lips for a fuller, more fuller appearance.


You will find different colors of lip gloss on the market. The main thing is that it matches your complexion as well as your complexion. Each woman has the color that suits her and that suits her more than another. It must be consistent with the outfit you wear so as not to make it taste not good.

Why buy a good lip gloss

To hydrate

The application of the gloss is an essential beauty gesture, especially in cold weather. For those with fragile skin, this is imperative. It is not pleasant to have chapped and torn lips. Always moisturize your lips and the gloss is perfect for doing it effectively. It nourishes them while making them shiny and will hydrate them more than a lipstick.

Good aesthetics

It will make you beautiful lips beautifully drawn and perfectly hydrated. Forget your imperfections and straighten your lips, giving them the effect you want. You can use it without limitation and apply it at will. You can even combine it with lipstick by applying it over it. Do you have thin lips? The gloss will make them luscious. This timeless classic is sure to give you an essential touch that will work every time.


It is a very convenient and discreet product. It simply fits in your pocket or bag. It is not at all bulky and rather easy to use. You have to apply it to your lips and voila.

Accessible to all budgets

A gloss guarantees you little expense for maximum results. Also, it will make the difference in your outfit. There is something for all budgets. You have to choose the one that suits you suited to your portfolio.