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Flickable Luxe Lip Gloss Pop, DoYa Pink I’m Sexy 02

Details : Flickable Luxe Lip Gloss Pop, DoYa Pink I’m Sexy 02

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Trick and tips

  • Make them up with a moisturizing red. Raising your lips with intense and luminous color is good. Adding a dose of nutrition and even anti-aging active ingredients is even better! A challenge met hands down by the new skincare lipsticks, highly pigmented and capable of winning the smile of an intangible film, but rich in smoothing, nourishing and redensifying agents. Apply whenever you want, all day long: at each makeup match, you do good to your lips
  • Apply a moisturizing balm several times a day. The lips are the preferred target of wind and cold: fragile and continuously exposed, they are not provided with sebaceous glands, unlike the rest of our skin. They are, therefore, not protected by a hydrolipidic film and suffer the full force of the cold’s consequences. To shelter them, put on a balm or a nourishing stick to avoid cracking and cracking. Some are even slightly colored for a healthy glow supplement. Our favorite formulas? Those that are enriched with beeswax, cocoa butter, jojoba or shea, effective and natural. Apply them as often as necessary.
  • BET ON MAKEUP, It’s a bit of a cheat, but we must admit that the effect obtained is amazing. By using the right colors, you can create an illusion of perfectly shaped lips. Above all, the most important thing is to use a contour with the same color as your lipstick and take your time to apply it properly on the lip contour. You will see that the others will only see it from the fire and easily succeed in making yourself a well-drawn mouth that will necessarily embellish your smile.
  • ERASE OR BRUSH YOUR LIPS, To have pretty lips and have a beautiful smile too, it is important to rid them of all dead skin. It is enough to do a gentle scrub regularly. Use a fine-grained scrub because the skin of the lips is thin and fragile. Do not hesitate to try our recipe to make your homemade scrub; it is easy to do, economical, and makes a gentle scrub for the lips. If you have run out of scrub or try another method, you can also brush your lips. Just use his toothbrush and gently rub it against those lips. This gesture, which must be as aggressive as possible because the skin of the lips is, we repeat, fine and fragile, will restore volume to the lips and will also remove dead skin.
  • Don’t moisten your lips too often. This is the first reflex that everyone makes when chapped lips appear: pass their tongue over it. During the day, our lips are exposed to many factors that can weaken and dry them out.
  • Drink water. For good overall hydration of your body, including your lips, drinking water during the day is essential. As a reminder, it is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
  • Avoid matte lipsticks. To avoid drying out and ensuring the most comfort for your lips, do not put on matte lipstick every day. Your lips will no longer be able to breathe under this layer of makeup. You will find it difficult to remove it, so they will be weakened and will tend to be chapped more easily.
  • Remove makeup before starting the care to hydrate your lips, impossible to ignore makeup removal. Even if you put on lipstick at the start of the day and it is almost no longer visible in the end, it is essential to clean your lips. So we pass micellar water or another makeup remover to remove makeup.