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DISCONTINUED——- VICTORIA SECRET smooth talk sugar lip scrub – SOLD OUT. – (white TUBE)

Details : DISCONTINUED——- VICTORIA SECRET smooth talk sugar lip scrub – SOLD OUT. – (white TUBE)

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Trick and tips

  • Apply a moisturizing balm several times a day. The lips are the preferred target of wind and cold: fragile and continuously exposed, they are not provided with sebaceous glands, unlike the rest of our skin. They are, therefore, not protected by a hydrolipidic film and suffer the full force of the cold’s consequences. To shelter them, put on a balm or a nourishing stick to avoid cracking and cracking. Some are even slightly colored for a healthy glow supplement. Our favorite formulas? Those that are enriched with beeswax, cocoa butter, jojoba or shea, effective and natural. Apply them as often as necessary.
  • Apply a lip mask twice a week. Coming straight from Asia, this new beauty ritual is timely to save very damaged, chapped, or dehydrated lips, which can no longer be satisfied with a simple balm. To treat in-depth, repair or even before applying a matte red that does not support small streaks or dead skin, draw out these new generation masks, in gel, cream or fabric, leave on for a few minutes to soothe, nourish and plump. Then penetrate the excess product by massaging gently.
  • ERASE OR BRUSH YOUR LIPS, To have pretty lips and have a beautiful smile too, it is important to rid them of all dead skin. It is enough to do a gentle scrub regularly. Use a fine-grained scrub because the skin of the lips is thin and fragile. Do not hesitate to try our recipe to make your homemade scrub; it is easy to do, economical, and makes a gentle scrub for the lips. If you have run out of scrub or try another method, you can also brush your lips. Just use his toothbrush and gently rub it against those lips. This gesture, which must be as aggressive as possible because the skin of the lips is, we repeat, fine and fragile, will restore volume to the lips and will also remove dead skin.
  • Start with an ultra-gentle. Scrub Exfoliate chapped lips with honey and a little powdered sugar. It remains to rub very gently with a soft, moistened toothbrush before rinsing and wiping. The lips are rid of small skins, ready to receive care.
  • The lipstick, but without paraffin. The ideal is to always have a lip balm in an anti-crevice stick with strong hydrating power at hand. We prefer sticks based on vegetable oils and we avoid sticks with paraffin oil, which have an annoying tendency to accentuate drying.
  • Avoid compulsive apps. Hydrating our lips is good. Spreading them every two seconds means dragging our skin into a spiral of dependence. The right prescription? One dose in the morning, another in the middle of the day and one last before going to bed! If we have to apply more, it’s probably because the chosen balm does not suit us.
  • Monitor our lifestyle. If you have the reflex to drink a lot of water during the hot season, you should also do it in winter. Our lips will stay well hydrated. Other preventive measures: put the soft pedal on caffeine, alcohol and tobacco, which contribute to dehydration of the lips and skin in general. You can also install a humidifier if the ambient air is too dry.
  • Don’t moisten your lips too often. This is the first reflex that everyone makes when chapped lips appear: pass their tongue over it. During the day, our lips are exposed to many factors that can weaken and dry them out.
  • Drink water. For good overall hydration of your body, including your lips, drinking water during the day is essential. As a reminder, it is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.